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This is Vivace's signature product.

(1) Its main function is moisture preservation and skin health revival. It was initially used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for post-treatment/surgery clients. Therefore, it is safe for clients with sensitive skin.

(2) Certified by SGS that it contains no paraben, it is perfectly safe for pregnant women or lactating women.

(3) It contains no collagen. This makes it a perfect choice for Muslims.

(4) The base material is not non-woven tissue or silk. Besides, the jelly type is not petrochemical byproducts. These features make it completely safe to put it on face for a very very long time -- even overnight. The essence will be completely absorbed into skin.

Usage instruction: After cleansing, carefully open the face mask with fingertips and gently place it on the face. Leave it for 30 to 40 minutes before taking it off. No need to wash face afterwards immediately.

Suggestion: May test one sheet for 40 minutes, and next day take another one sheet to put on face overnight.

Key Features: Bio facial mask Effects

1. 10 x moisturizing effect
2. Natural ingredient
3. Favored by plastic surgeons
4. Bio-tech product
5. International Cosmetology R&D
6. Age-defying
7. Sensitive–skin-friendly
8. Revitalize reviving skin radiance
9. High-end Age Lock face care
10. Contains L-ascorbic acid, whitens skin naturally
11. Vitamin B complex and E rich skin nourishing
12. Revitalize Reviving skin Radiance
13. Sensitive skin friendly