Beauty set: Super Moisturizer face lift facial mask plus anti aging nourishing night cream

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Live Young – A Vivacé Way


  • Feature:Anti-Aging,Anti-Wrinkle,Lightening,Moisturizer
  • Use:Night
  • Skin type:All skin
  • Brand Name:Vivacé, VIVACE
  • Effect:Whitening Moisture Mask
  • Origin:Taiwan
  • Feature:Anti-Aging,Dark Circles, Firming, Nourishing, Whitening

Key Features

No.1 γ-PGA Bright Hydra Cream

Diva’s Magic Potion

10X Moisture Endowment

Enliven; Lift-Up


Never worry about selfie again

Vivacé Bright Hydra Cream

Shining as Light

Sweet as Sixteen

Supple as Spring


To pursue beauty is your self-evident right

Triple Moist; Triple Shelter; Triple Rejuvenate

Moist & Lock & Reserve Skin Aqua

Shelter & Defend & Resolve Environment Threat

Nurture & Lift-Up & Enliven


A catch of superficial splendor is no match to self-starting skin rebirth


Nature and Nurture

Multi-faceted Aging Defying Tech

γ-PGA : Extracted from Plants ; endowed with moisture preservation capability 10 times to hyaluronic acid

Peptide + Copper DNA: Repair & Revive

Tocopheryl Acetate: Counter free radical, UV, Haze, Pollution


Vivacé Bright Hydra Cream

Deepening Beauty; Lasting Youth

Forget about Cymera, B612, BeautyPlus


SGS Certified, Global Patented


Sanctuary of Beauty

Everlasting Moisture Preservation and Nourishing

Vivacé Facial Cleanser

Vivacé Toner Lotion

Vivacé Polypetide Essence

Vivacé Facial Mask

Vivacé Bright Hydra Cream


Up-Lift; Moist; Nurture

Revive your primordial glow


True perfection does not mean never get hurt--

You should always self-cure and revive


Final Code of Beauty

Triple Shining; Triple Shelter; Triple Supple

Do-it-Yourself Skin Touch Therapy



Help you Manage your Skin Tempo

Lite Facial Mask

Natural Whitening
Flower and plant extracts to clean, whiten, beautify
Better filtration, complete filtration
Serum fully absorbed by skin, completely utilized
Make up after Work out
Vivacé Lite Facial Mask
Best companion for travelling, exercise, sunbathing

True to Yourself – in your favorite face

Vivacé Lite Facial Mask


Vivacé Lite Facial Mask

Apiece Youth Revived

Keep youth for body and face


  • Vivace Secret of the Frozen age- Vivace Lite Facial Mask

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