Bubble 30 Ripple Type Mattress System With Pump

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Bubble 30
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    Bubble 30 Ripple Type Mattress System With Pump

    Key Features

    Medical Physical Therapy Inflatable Mattress

    Inflatable Mattress Key Features

    Inflatable Mattress Standard


    Inflatable Mattress Specification:

    • Model : Superior Serial

    • Dimension : 23x11x11cm

    • Weight : 1.2kgs

    • Case Material :  ABS

    • Supply Voltage : 110V

    • Operating Cycle : 6mins(50Hz);5mins(60Hz)

    • Output : 6/LPM

    • On/Off Switch : Yes

    • Adjustable Pressure : Yes

    • Double Hook Hanger : Yes


    •  Number of Cell : 130 air Cell

    • Cell Height  : 3"x130pcs of bubbles

    • Dimension : 90x201x3"

    • Alternating : 1-in-2

    • Weight : 2.0kgs

    • Material : PVC

    • Capacity : 100kg


    Inflatable Mattress Effects:

    • Prevent bed sore and pressure ulcer; Relieve sciatica and fibromyalgia.

    • Help relieve care taker labor.

    • A must for long term care patient family, nursing homes, and hospitals.

    • Good companions to recreation facility to create sleep comfort along with luxurious bedroom furnishings.



    Company Information

    Ozer International Corp. was organized by medical professionals and senior executives from multinational conglomerates. Initially focusing on providing personal  skin care products and medical instruments to hospitals and beauty clinics, it was expanded and reorganized in 2011. Now our partners include hospitals, clinics, healthcare institutions, cosmetic manufacturers, beauty centers, travel agencies,photographers, academicians, and lawyers. This new composition is designed to ensure the best quality service to our customers in order to refresh and enrich their outer and inner life.

    The name Ozer derived from Tibetan  Which means “the light of wisdom” This symbolizes our mission “to brighten the world with our incessant exploration of highest knowledge and technology”.

    Ozer International Corp. is composed of three business units – Medical and Healthcare, Cosmetic and Personal Care, Wellness Tourism. Nonetheless, staff and resources can be organized and dispatched to fulfill tailor-made requirements of our customers.

    Vivace is our first skincare brand to serve quality-oriented and high caliber,knowledgeable clients. Our R&D team organized renowned plastic surgeons,dermatologists, cosmetologists and lab research staff to develop the most advanced skincare products. Initially, they were developed for sensitive skin clients or as a post-fraxel laser treatment skincare products. Based on their success and popularity in medical profession, we feel obliged to bringing these products to the end users directly.

    The name Vivace is in memory of our founding story. Years ago, many of our founders gathered in Espresso Vivace in Seattle, US to make the decision to establish our company. However, Ozer International Corp. decided to use Vivace is also ascribed to its Italian meaning – “Vivid, and lively” It is hoped that our products can help customers to revive skin health and luster, so as to achieve true beauty.



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