Conform Air Wheelchair Cushion (W45*D45*H10CM) 9*9Cells

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Air Wheelchair Cushion
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    Conform Air Wheelchair Cushion

    Key Features

    Conform Wheelchair Seat Cushion Mattress Introduction

    Conform produce high-quality product using natural rubber. Natural Rubber is a renewable
    resource and only low energy expenditure is required for its treatment. CONFORM
    ®Products are fully biodegradable and require no special disposal measure.

    Only the purest rubber is used (24-015 NR green) for the production of the
    CONFORM®Products. This quality is free of allergens and fulfils all demands for a medical
    product nowadays.

    Natural rubber maintains it's elasticity even at low temperatures.

    Benefits of natural rubber at a glance:
    - convenient microclimate
    - extreme flexibility
    - optimal distribution of pressure
    - minimal shear forces
    - free allergy seat pad

    The special characteristics of rubber allow amalgamation of the upper and lower plate of the air
    systems by vulcanisation, avoiding toxic and instable adhesive bonds.

    All CONFORM®Products are made in Germany, strictly according to quality controls. They are
    registered as medical articles (Reg. No. DE/CA/051/603 NA 01.01.; Document No. 0037437).

    When forced to remain seated for an extended period of time, this will lead to a great strain on
    the area of your body in contact with the seat, as well as on your skin. Here a
    CONFORM®Cushion will provide you with considerable relief. Our cushions offer the very
    highest seating comfort, limiting the danger of pressure sores, and can be used therapeutically
    with existing skin problems. Due to the material used to produce these cushions, we achieved
    the highest level of seating comfort. The high elasticity results in pressure relief which assures
    the blood flow in the capillaries. The cushions are used from stage of prophylaxys up to pressure
    ulcer (Grade III/IV Rem. with grade IV it is recommended not to sit).

    The design of the interlinking air chambers imitates the positive characteristics of water.
    CONFORM®Med. Air Cushions adjust to the natural body contours hence reducing pressure
    build up and preventing shearing forces.

    Our individual manufacturing process allows production of ideal fitting and precisely tailored Air

    We are able to produce CONFORM
    ®Medical Air Cushions of:

    - all standard seat sizes
    - 3 various seat heights (5, 7.5, 10 cm)
    - 1, 2 and 4-chamber versions
    - as well as tailor made sizes
    The 5cm high cushions are mainly used to increase
    seating comfort or as prophylactic cushions.

    7.5cm high cushions offer a high standard of seating comfort, but also have a noticeable
    therapeutic effect due the high level of pressure relief.

    10cm high cushions serve as an effective instrument in Decubitus Ulcer therapy.

    There is a choice whether the seating comfort can be optimized by a 2- or 4-valve cushion.


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