Decompression pain relief and Decubitus Prevention Seat Cushion

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    Key Features

    MATERIAL FEATURE Products are made of visco-elastic, temperature-sensitive, and open-cell memory foam material. To ensure the density and quality of this products are in conformity with the original design, advanced temperature controlled molding compression forming process is adopted to produce the foam material with a porous, breathable skin. This products material also meets international standards in anti-bacteria, fire-retardant, heavy metal content and food contact testing. TEMPERARTURE-SENSITIVE Special high-molecule material varies its hardness with different temperatures Under normal room temperature, it is of regular firmer hardness but gets softer when in contact with body temperature. Using this temperature-sensitive feature to create multi-layers of hardness within the material. You will feel a soft, comfortable touch around your body and a firm support away from your body where body heat is not sensed. PRESSURE RELIEF Material can evenly distribute body weight. Its low counter-rebound feature can effectively relieve pressure and does not press hard on your skin. Low average skin pressure points, so you can feel more comfort and relaxed in your sleep.

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