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Mattress Protector Cooling Fiber Sheet Fitted for Alternating Air Mattress

  • Price:USD$ 70.0 ~ 105.0
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keep body feel dry and comfortable


  • Size Available:L195 x W85 x H20 cm
  • Best Suited for :Medical Care - Alternating Air Mattress & Home Use Bedding
  • Feature:waterpoof & non-toxic

Key Features


Made from high-tech cooling fiber integrate with TPU membran, it brings super moisture absorption, breathable and waterproof. Keeping the body feel dry, cool and comfortable. Smooth texture, Wrinkle free, Wipe clean and easy to care for. Elastic edge all round the sheet and Wide elastic band on back for a better secure fit. Pillow case attach the sheet with Velcro. 

Good to Know, High-Tech Material Front of Sheet: 100% Cooling Fiber Anti-Static, Deodorization, Excellent Thermal Conduction and Hydration effects, Q-max 0.288. 

Back of Sheet: 100% TPU membrane UREAMAX® membrane applies the bio-based Susterra® in its waterproof & breathable TPU membranes, under DuPont License. Green, Eco-friendly, Carbon footprint reducing, and environment caring.

Best Suited for 
Medical Care - Alternating Air Mattress 
Home Use Bedding 

Size Available 
L195 x W85 x H20 cm

Payment Details

  • Min. Order Quantity:100 Pieces

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