Skin Care Lite Facial Mask

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    Live Young – A Vivacé Way


    • Feature:Anti-Wrinkle,Firming,Lightening,Moisturizer,Nourishing,Whitening
    • Use:Face,Neck

    Key Features

    Super Moist, Super Cool
    γ-PGA offers super moisture, 
    Hexapeptide-11 pampers and repairs.
    Full protection after outdoor activities and exercise.
    Natural Whitening
    Flower and plant extracts to clean, whiten, beautify
    SGS certified to pass paraben and heavy metal ingredient test
    Luminous Face Again
    Super Fit 
    Wood pulp made laminated fabric, fitter than common non-woven texture.
    Better filtration, complete filtration
    Serum fully absorbed by skin, completely utilized
    Make up after Work out
    Vivacé Lite Facial Mask
    Best companion for travelling, exercise, sunbathing
    True to Yourself – in your favorite face
    Vivacé Lite Facial Mask
    Keep youth for body and face

    Payment Details

    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)


    • Skin Care Lite Facial Mask