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TS-10A Alternating Pressure Mattress by OZER-Medical Hospital Bed Inflatable Air Mattress with Pump System

  • Model No.:4 Inch
  • Certification:FDA ,CE ,ISO 9001 ,SGS ,ISO13485
  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
  • Price:USD$ 308.0 ~ 385.0
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Taiwan Best Selling Medical Air Mattress


  • Feature :Anti Decubitus / Prevent Pressure Ulcer / Relieve Fibromyalgia
  • Warranty :One Year
  • Certificate :CE / FDA
  • Maximum User Weight :120 KG
  • Brand Name :Ozer Health Care
  • Model Number :4 Inch Medical Air Mattress With Pump
  • Service :OEM Service
  • CPR Function :Pull Cord Type Quick Release

Key Features

Healthcare Medical Physical Therapy Air Mattress


Air Mattress Key Features

Air Mattress Standard

Air Mattress Specification:

  • H4" x 20 cells

  • 3 way alternating air cells (A-B-C)

  • Cover and cells fabric material: Nylon/TPU with mattress base Nylon/PVC fabric

  • Elastic bands for mattress cover (non zipper type)

  • With CPR and quick connector

  • No pillow function

  • No low air loss hole

Air Mattress Effects:

  • Prevent bed sore and pressure ulcer; Relieve sciatica and fibromyalgia.

  • Help relieve care taker labor.

  • A must for long term care patient family, nursing homes, and hospitals.

  • Good companions to recreation facility to create sleep comfort along with luxurious bedroom furnishings.

Function Method:

  • An effective alternating overlay/replacement system combined with static physical therapy mode.

  • By having a series of individual cells inflate and deflate alternatively over about ten- minute cycle, patients receive their adequate pressure relief.

  • The system can be switched to a static physical therapy mode to reduce the pressure ulcer and fibromyalgia at the interface by means of immersion.

  • It will also be easier to facilitate all kinds of nursing procedures including dressing changes and patient repositioning at static mode.

  • An optional silver-ion Nylon/PU cover is also available to increase the antimicrobial effect.

  • With clear weight indicator reference dial adjustment, it is easy t o use and is recommended for patients at medium risk to high risk of pressure ulcers.

 Medical Inflatable Mattress size Specification




 Medical Air Mattress Assembly Line


 Medical Inflatable Mattress Certification


 Medical Air Mattress Certification




 Medical Air Mattress Specification



Packaging & Delivery

  • Packing Details : Dimension ( L x W x H ):190 x 85 x 10.2 (after inflated)
  • Delivery Detail: 30-45 DAYS

Products FAQ

Q1How long does it take to inflate a mattress?

The mattress inflation time depends on the compressor's flow rate and the mattress’s dimension. In general, bubble pad will take about 20 mins, 4”/5” overlay mattress will need 25~35 mins and 8” replacement mattress needs 30~40 min. to inflate. The blower based system (such as Serene) can be inflated within 2 minutes.

Q2My mattress is not holding air?

First make sure the CPR plugs are secure and in place. Then double check if the air hose connection between pump and mattress is tightly secured.

Q3How do I know if the pressure (comfort) setting of the mattress is suitable for the patient?

You can simply adjust the setting according to the weight reference shown on the pump first, and then ask the patient (if possible) for comfort degree. Further to perform a hand check by placing palm up and feeling for a cushion of air under the heaviest areas of the body. There should be at least 1 inch of support between the pressure point of the body and your hand. If there is an incident of bottoming-out, simply adjust the pressure a little higher.

Q4What if I accidentally puncture my mattress?

If your mattress system is with interchangeable air cells, each air cell can be taken out individually and replaced with a new one if needed.

Q5Is Latex used in the therapeutic support surface of Apex’s product?

We are satisfied that there is no risk associated with a latex skin contact or inhalation allergy reaction when using any of Apex’s therapeutic support surface system. The products do not come in contact with any Latex products throughout the manufacturing process.

Q6How often should I change the filter?

It mainly depends on the environment the system is operating. Normally, check the filter every 3 months will be a good maintenance exercise.

Q7Can the mattress system be transported easily?

In most of Apex's products, there is a transportation cap for a quick connector so the mattress can keep the air inside for a period of time (DOMUS 3, 4, Auto and complete ProCARE series)

Q8Can I change to normal mattress cover?

Normal mattress cover may be used on all mattresses.
All of Apex mattress covers have passed ISO-10993 Bio-compatibility test (Sensitization and Skin irritation Cytotoxicity). Also, all the covers are designed for low friction, water proof and vapor permeable; hence, should be easier to use and better for pressure prevention.

Q9Regarding only bed sores heading or prevention, what's the difference between 4" or 5" overlay mattress & 8" mattress replacement?

The purpose of the mattress is to redistribute the pressure from patients and also prevent the patient from bottoming-out. The higher cell allows the system to provide lower pressure range. On the other side, the lower cell system need to support more pressure in order to prevent the patient from bottoming out, that is why overlay systems need higher pressure.

Q10What is the difference between the alternating & true low-air-loss mattress?

Which is better?

Alternating mattress is designed for Pressure Relief. It’ll periodically remove the pressure to allow reperfusion of the capillary bed. The pressure relief allows blood flow to return to normal and re-perfuse tissue that has been starved of blood due to the pressure being exerted on it. By changing position we naturally allow this to happen. Pressure relieving mattress actively encourage tissue perfusion by inflating and deflating alternative air cells over a certain period of time in a cycle, so pressure over any one part of the body in contact with the surface changes regularly.
True low-air-loss mattress is a static pressure system designed for Pressure Reduction. Pressure reduction is achieved by reducing contact pressure at the skin /mattress interface through increasing surface area over the patient. 

Each system has its advantages, so it really depends on therapist or patient’s preference.  

Q11What happen if there is a power failure?

When there is a power shortage, the alarm will be triggered to notify the caregiver. Some of Apex mattresses are facilitated with transport cap to hold air inside the mattress to support the patient for a short period of time in case of power failure.

Q12What are the differences between Digital vs. Analog system?

Digital system have microprocessors so the system can be designed with additional functions controlled by computer, such as Cycle Time, Seat Inflation, Panel Lock, etc. Also, the pressure level can be consistent and clearly defined by programming the software.

In analogue system, the functions are operated based on mechanism design. The pressure level indicated on regulator knob is not linear. Therefore, the benefit is limited compared to digital system. 

Q13What should I do if there is a service alarm?

Usually it means there is a problem on the motor assembly. Please contact your local dealer or Apex Medical customer service for further information. 

Q14What is a low pressure alarm?

It indicates there is an insufficient pressure in the system. Please check if the tubing is tightly connected to the pump and the CPR valve is closed properly. Also check if any breakage on the air cells.
After inspecting all check-points and low pressure alarm remained, please contact your local dealer or Apex Medical customer service for further information. 

Q15How long will a mattress stay inflated using the transport mode? 

For a standard single cell with micro low-air-loss mattress, it’ll last for approx. 30mins, depending on patient weight. The cell-on-cell mattress can hold the air for about 3~4 hrs depending on patient weight.

Q16How do I clean the mattress and pump?

For pump, wipe with a damp cloth and a mild detergent and keep it away from dust. 
For mattress, clean the air cells and bottom cover by wiping with a gentle laundry detergent allowing the unit to air dry. 
Top cover may follow below direction:

Silver Stretch & Stretch


Silver Nylon/PU & Nylon/PU


 Q17What is the general requirement for CPR deflation time? 

According to EPUAP guideline, rapid deflation for CPR by disconnection of air tubes from the mattress at the normal point of attachment deflation for the thorax should be achieved within 15 seconds for an individual of 70kg and normal BMI. 


FOB Taiwan

1. 50% Down Pay, the rest be paid 15 days before shipping.

2. Shipping: 45 working days after down pay received.


Company Information

Ozer International Corp. was organized by medical professionals and senior executives from multinational conglomerates. Initially focusing on providing personal  skin care products and medical instruments to hospitals and beauty clinics, it was expanded and reorganized in 2011. Now our partners include hospitals, clinics, healthcare institutions, cosmetic manufacturers, beauty centers, travel agencies,photographers, academicians, and lawyers. This new composition is designed to ensure the best quality service to our customers in order to refresh and enrich their outer and inner life.

The name Ozer derived from Tibetan  Which means “the light of wisdom” This symbolizes our mission “to brighten the world with our incessant exploration of highest knowledge and technology”.

Ozer International Corp. is composed of three business units – Medical and Healthcare, Cosmetic and Personal Care, Wellness Tourism. Nonetheless, staff and resources can be organized and dispatched to fulfill tailor-made requirements of our customers.

Vivace is our first skincare brand to serve quality-oriented and high caliber,knowledgeable clients. Our R&D team organized renowned plastic surgeons,dermatologists, cosmetologists and lab research staff to develop the most advanced skincare products. Initially, they were developed for sensitive skin clients or as a post-fraxel laser treatment skincare products. Based on their success and popularity in medical profession, we feel obliged to bringing these products to the end users directly.

The name Vivace is in memory of our founding story. Years ago, many of our founders gathered in Espresso Vivace in Seattle, US to make the decision to establish our company. However, Ozer International Corp. decided to use Vivace is also ascribed to its Italian meaning – “Vivid, and lively” It is hoped that our products can help customers to revive skin health and luster, so as to achieve true beauty.

Main Export Market

Asia ,Canada ,Europe ,Oceania ,Other ,Saudi Arabia ,United States of America

Product Certification:

Payment Details

  • Min. Order Quantity:100 Pieces