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    Key Features

    Polypeptide Tammy Essence


    With 6-peptides ,9-peptides, and a variety of plant extracts , it can penetrate the underlying skin repair, increase skin elasticity, decrease wrinkles, and make skin supple, smooth, and translucent. Hyaluronic acid and γ-PGA ( PGA )performs to moisturize and repair, thereby to restore natural skin beauty



    Matte Night Gelly


    • Whitening effect
    • Improve complexion muddy issue
    • Prevent dry skin associated with aging; showing young and delicate skin conditions
    • Repair and nourish to make skin bright and shiny




    Clarifying supple Crystal


    Containing with hazel extract, green tea extract and aloe vera extract with other natural ingredients to soothe and purity pores and skin; with y-PGA to moisture and maintain skin elasticity white in-deep cleaning.




    γ-PGA Skin Revitalizing Lotion


    The whitening compound essence extract and plant extracts and other ingredients to make skin delicate and white. N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase, γ-PGA, hyaluronic acid and chamomile extract can moisturize the skin and increase skin elasticity and making skin appear translucent luster.


    • VIVACE Secret of the Frozen age.

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