Vivacé skin care moisturizing package gift set

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    • Feature:Anti-Aging,Anti-Wrinkle,Deep Cleansing,Lightening,Moisturizer
    • Use:Face

    Key Features

    Matte Night Gelly Effect • Whitening effect • Improve complexion muddy issue • Prevent dry skin associated with aging_ showing young and delicate skin conditions • Repair and nourish to make skin bright and shiny γ-PGA Skin Revitalizing Lotion • Effect • The whitening compound essence extract and plant extracts and other ingredients to make skin delicate and white. N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase, γ-PGA, hyaluronic acid and chamomile extract can moisturize the skin and increase skin elasticity and making skin appear translucent luster. Polypeptide Tammy Essence Effect With 6-peptides ,9-peptides, and a variety of plant extracts , it can penetrate the underlying skin repair, increase skin elasticity, decrease wrinkles, and make skin supple, smooth, and translucent. Hyaluronic acid and γ-PGA ( PGA )performs to moisturize and repair, thereby to restore natural skin beauty. Clarifying supple Crystal • Effect • Containing with hazel extract, green tea extract and aloe vera extract with other natural ingredients to soothe and purity pores and skin_ with y-PGA to moisture and maintain skin elasticity white in-deep cleaning.

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