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VIVACE γ-PGA Skin Care Cosmetics Lotion Plastic Bottle 200ml

  • Made In:Taiwan
  • Price:USD$ 10.0 ~ 23.8
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Key Features

1.Contains Humectant,,Hyaluronate and other natural ingredients.

2.Emollient,10x moisturizing effect.

3.Revive skin Resilient, Firming, Lightening.

4.Refreshing Facial Lotion.

5.Skin-tone Even.

6.NMF Generation.

7.Sensitive Skin Friendly.

8.Improve skin Radiance.

9.Favored by plastic surgeons.

10. 10x moisturizing effect 

11. Natural Ingredient 

12. Favored by plastic surgeons 

13. Revitalize Reviving skin Radiance 

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